Welcome to Arbor Studios

This is the main page for Arbor-Studios. This page points in three direction: (1) to the Third Avenue web pages for webcam and weather, (2) to the support pages for thirdave iphone apps, and (3) to the arbor studios store.

Webcam and Weather Pages

iPhone Applications

We also now have three iPhone applications that support these services: ThirdAveSuite, ThirdAveWind, and ThirdAveView. If you have any questions or comments (or problems) with any of these applications please send mail to support@arbor-studios.com and we will respond directly.

Arbor Studios online store

Since early 2011 we have had an online store. At this store we mostly sell electric kite pumps. We also have some 3rd Ave gear that we designed that you can buy from Zazzle.com, but you can get to them from our site. We also have donation buttons to support the webcam, weather, or special projects at 3rd Ave.

Space Provided By Hurricane Electric