ThirdAveView Application Tutorial

ThirdAveView is an iPhone application that is dedicated to monitoring the Third Avenue kiteboarding and sailboarding ptz network camera mounted inside of the Electronics for Imaging building in Foster City, CA. To return to the application, select this link: ThirdAveView (only from an iPhone).

Download the Tutorial in PDF Format

If you prefer to download this tutorial to your computer or iPad in PDF format (~21 MB) you can select the following link: Tutorial.

General Setup

The application supports five (5) different photographic views of the Third Avenue kiteboarding and sailboarding site:

Title Area

At the top of every view is an information area that provides the title of the view and the timestamp when it was last acquired.

Tab Area

At the bottom of every view is a tab area where you can select other views (PL, Flag, Beach, Jump, and Pan). Selecting any of these will swap the main view to that view.

Background Sounds

At the bottom right of every view is an icon that toggles sound on and off. The audio in the application is run in a thread that lasts about 30 seconds, so sounds will turn on and off in that duration. The audio clips in the application change with wind speed values. The default is for sound to be off.

Arbor-Studios Home Page

At the bottom left of every view is an icon that opens a view that describes the application and has a button that will launch the Arbor-Studios home page in Safari. It will not return when done, so you will have to relaunch ThirdAveView if you select this button.

Camera Views

The camera views are accessed from the tab area at the bottom of the application views.

The camera view for looks as follows.

The camera view for looks as follows.

The camera view for looks as follows.

The camera view for looks as follows. It is a large image that takes a while to load but is worth the wait. Here are shown 2 images scrolling left to right

General Operation

Each of the views is designed to fit vertically in as much of the space as is available. This means that you are only viewing a 'band' of the image, and can scroll (or pan) to the left or right by swiping your finger across the image. You can double tap the screen to zoom in, and of course you can also use pinch and stretch motions to zoom out or in.

Clearly the most dramatic of all the views is the panoramic view. Unfortunately, it is a very large image (almost 1 MB) so it takes a long time to load. When it does, it will be worth the wait, because it has been stitched together from 33 separate images and allows you to scroll from almost the north end on the left all the way to Inktomi on the right. It may not load on older (3G and before) iPhones. In fact, it may crash the application.

It should be noted that there are some anomalous behaviors associated with ThirdAveView. First, zoom doesn't work on the parking lot image until the panoramic image is loaded. Why we do not yet know. Second, if you try to load the panoramic image first, or before the application has had time to load it, it may show up in fully zoomed mode (or not at all). If this happens you will not be able to zoom out, but you can still see the entire image. For these reasons, it is recommended that you always take a look at the other images first, and then look at the panoramic view, even if it is the only one you are interested in looking at.

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